‘Daniel’s Beetles’

Seren has a new exciting release!

Seren is proud to announce that the Winner of the Daniel Owen Prize for Pryfeta has adapted his originally Welsh-language novel into English.

Daniel’s Beetles is the upcoming novel from Tony Bianchi, originally from North Shields, who now lives in Cardiff.

Bianchi is the former Director of Literature at the Arts Council of Wales and is now a freelance writer and translator. Pryfeta was shortlisted for Welsh Book of the Year.

Daniel’s Beetles is an absorbing, unnerving novel about memory and forgetting, stories and lies, language and borders. It describes our attempts to recreate ourselves in ways we can never fully control. And in Dr Bruno, it catches a glimpse of the smiling mendacity, at once pathetic and chilling, which some might recognise as the face of a country at war.

“This is an intricate and multi-layered novel, rich in ideas and eloquent in expression, which will be pored over for years to come.” – Owain Wilkins, Planet

“The writing is muscular and at times utterly overwhelming… I was exhilarated.” – Robert Arwyn

“One of the most exciting writers working in Wales today.” – Lloyd Jones, Talesin

Look out for Tony Bianchi’s upcoming Daniel’s Beetles on our website http://www.serenbooks.com/


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