Fountainville- Tishani Doshi

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Title: Fountainville

By: Tishani Doshi

Publisher: Seren

Released: 2013

“‘Tell me the strangest story you know.’ He said.

And I did”

This is the second book of Seren’s retellings of ‘The Mabinogion’ that I have read; and the two couldn’t be more different. ‘The Tip of my Tongue’ had a little girl for a narrator, and as a result, a certain innocence about it. Doshi’s retelling is very definately a mature and controlled female voice.

It reminded me a little of Salmon Rushdie’s ‘Midnight’s Children’ in both tone and subject matter. Doshi evidently has a respect for storytelling, and bizzare mystery in a similar way that Rushdie does. In the afterword Doshi worries that her detachment from Welsh culture might damage her ability to retell a very Welsh tale; yet instead her knowledge of Indian myths adds a great deal to her style. As ‘Fountainville’ is a place purely built…

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