New Titles for £6

Get Two New Titles For £6 Each.

It’s publication day for two fantastic new titles: Pascale Petit’s Fauverie is the award winning follow up to The Zoo Father, while Significance by Jo Mazelis takes a literary twist on the classic murder mystery. To celebrate, both titles are just £6. Snap them up while you can – this offer will end at midnight on 15th September.

Pascale’s Pascale Petit, Fauveriefraught relationship with her father takes a central role in this new collection, with Paris and the majestic Jardin des Plantes zoo as its stage. The title of this, her fifth collection,  Fauverie, evokes the Fauves, ‘primitive’ painters who used raw colour straight from the tube. Pascale’s writing is every bit as fervent, vivid and evocative as their art.

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Jo Mazelis, SignificanceLucy Swann’s death, like a stone thrown into a pool, sends out far-reaching ripples, altering the lives of people she never knew as well as those of her loved ones back home. When the hunt for the murder suspect begins, the ordinary events of Lucy’s last few days take on a new Significance. In a clever twist of genre subversion, Mazelis weaves in an ending not even the most astute crime reader would be able to guess.


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