Sugar Hall Read-a-Long!

Throughout October our Marketing Officer, Rosie, and Marketing Assistant, Jess, will be reading Tiffany Murray’s Sugar Hall – and you’re invited to join them!

Sugar Hall by Tiffany Murray. £8.99

Easter 1955. As Lilia Sugar scrapes the ice from the inside of the windows and the rust from the locks in Sugar Hall, she knows there are pasts she cannot erase. On the very edge of the English/Welsh border, the red gardens of Sugar Hall hold a secret, and as Britain prepares for its last hanging, Lilia and her children must confront a history that has been buried but not forgotten.

Based on the stories of the slave boy that surround Littledean Hall in the Forest of Dean, this is a superbly chilling ghost story from Tiffany Murray.

Autumn is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a ghost story, and throughout the month Rosie and Jess will be sharing their reading progress on Twitter, Instagram and this blog – they may even dip their toes into YouTube if you can entice them there with treats, which you probably can. They like treats.

As with most things in life, the more the merrier! Rather than simply sitting back and watching the two of them scare themselves, why not join in? Update your reading progress on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SugarHall (so inventive) and get in the mood for Halloween!


You can order Sugar Hall from our website.


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