Friday Poem — Making Love

This week’s poem is from Cardiff-based David Foster-Morgan’s provocative debut, Masculine Happiness. The collection is half price until midnight, Sunday 10th January. You can find the book here.

Born and based in Wales, Foster-Morgan has long been a presence in the poetry world, having had poems published widely in magazines and with appearances at workshops, festivals, and events including ‘slams’ where his quiet style and obvious integrity frequently beat louder and less subtle voices to a prize. His debut collection, some years in the making, is inspired in part by his reading of American literature: the conversational tone of Frank O’Hara (‘F’OH’) and the long-lined garrulity of Allen Ginsberg, (‘Allen Ginsberg returns to Llantony Priory’) as well as the models of masculinity handed out to us by Hollywood characters like John Wayne (‘Masculine Happiness’). His ambivalence toward the idea of the ‘hero’ and his observation of the fate of those who have been lauded, like the conflicted protagonist of ‘The City Legend’, is a fruitful area for exposition.

Making Love

I think that we were meant to…
Is it treat as if we were nations
or better meet as friends.
To have no buts
and simply wait ’til fate instructs.
Fate though never interrupts.
Oh: sighs, eyes, easy, thighs.

Oh: find, kind, miss, bliss.

In exquisite orbit on your…
Is it rim
or better promise held within.
Both pleasure and pain
in equal measure, at once the same.
With no words the meaning plain.
Oh: insane, flame, be, flee.

Oh: quest, rest, crux, stuck.

You are…
Is it everything I lack
or better welcome heart and hurry back.
Your soft magnetic air sublime,
wraps me in an ecstasy so kind.
That is I like your style.
Oh: start, apart, qualm, charm.

Oh: light, flight, sun, undone.

I fear you sense my…
Is it following cloud
or better stubborn doubt.
It is a flinching habit to say no
and pinch new love before it can grow.
Give no the elbow.
Oh: aloud, shroud, spite, blight.

Oh: cruel, duel, bequeathed, heed.

Banish fear with…
Is it yes
nothing better than yes.
Defeat strange love with a yes,
fate and doubt distress with a yes.
I would really like you to say yes.
Oh: finesse, mistress, conquest, bless.

Oh: fair, dare, rare, flare.

I watch your hair…
Is it coil like a snake
or better hang at your nape.
High on oblivion’s plain,
a wordless freedom we will claim.
Enjoy the moment, don’t explain.
Oh: arms, charms, find, unconfined
Oh: sublime, entwine, sun, outdone.
Oh: me, thee, we.

Order David Foster-Morgan’s Masculine Happiness from our website (half-price until midnight, Sunday 10th January).

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