Friday Poem – White Clover

This week our Friday Poem is taken from Lynne Hjelmgaard’s new collection, A Boat Called Annalise.

A Boat Called Annalise Lynne HjelmgaardLynne Hjelmgaard was born in New York and has lived in Denmark, Rome, Paris and London. Her collection, A Boat Called Annalise, records the years she and her husband spent sailing on a boat to the Caribbean and back. The author beautifully evokes life at sea, the dream-like nature of the tropics, and the halcyon days of a marriage.
Hjelmgaard moves from scenes of risk and turbulence, of wild beauty on the open water, to visions of their dream-like destination in the West Indies. The author’s clear-eyed and tender observations are as insightful about the paradox of paradise: tropical splendor amidst local poverty, as they are about the challenges of relationships at close quarters.


White Clover
For Dannie
white clover lynne hjelmgaard annalise














Buy your copy now.



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