Book nooks and beyond – where do you like to read?

We all have our favourite place – or places – to settle down in with a good book. Is yours a book nook? A library? The garden (weather permitting)? Take a look below for some inspiration, and tell us about your favourite reading spot by leaving a comment on this blog post or sending us a tweet with the hashtag #WhereIRead.

Book nooks
‘A lifelong dream of mine is to have a big cushioned windowsill to sit on with a great book, rain or shine – a world just outside my window and one in my hands too’
– Rosie, Marketing

Cosy corners in your house, decked with pillows galore, blankets and somewhere to put a mug of hot tea or coffee. What could be better?


The great outdoors
‘The Graveyard of St Mary’s Church is the best spot in Bridgend for a lunchtime read. Spent Bank Holiday Monday down Pobbles with surf, seagulls and David Mitchell. Winter’s days at home I huddle under blankets on a sun lounger in the garden, a gazebo on hand in case of rain.’
– Simon, Sales

Summer may be almost over, but we have many warm autumn days ahead – and what better way to spend them than by sitting in the garden, or even the graveyard (Simon!) with a book or two.


En route
‘Especially since the arrival of the e-reader, reading on the go has never been more convenient.  Perhaps this is why books such as The Girl on the Train have become such global bestsellers, as readers identify with the journey of the character. Reading on the go enables me to fit in a lot more reading that I would otherwise not be able to find the time for, and ensures that I spend that hour of commuting constructively. ’
– Ceri, Intern

Convenience is key. An un-put-downable book is a great distraction when you’re stuck on a long commute or journey – the only issue is having to put the book away when you reach your destination.



Where do you like to read? Tell us in the comments section, or tweet at us using the hashtag #WhereIRead

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