Summer Sale: Seren books half price this week

Much like the nice weather, the Seren summer sale isn’t hanging around: for one week only, all our books are half price.

Seren Summer Sale books half price

Everything from poetry to novels, short stories, art, history and biography are included, and with so much choice, we thought you might like a helping hand deciding what to read next. Take a look below at our summer sale suggestions.

Best for… taking on holiday:
The Women of Versailles Kate BrownThe Women of Versailles by Kate Brown
£9.99 £4.99
This gripping and immersive novel tells the story of Adélaïde, daughter of King Louis XVI. Envious of her brother, bored with her sister and smitten with her father’s bourgeoise mistress, Adélaïde struggles with her budding sexuality and a desire for freedom of expression, both of which conflict with the expectations of the restrictive court of Versailles. Forty-four years later, under the looming shadow of the revolution, what has happened to the hopes of a young girl and the doomed regime in which she grew up?

Best for… devouring over lunch:
the man at the corner table rosie shepperdThe Man at the Corner Table by Rosie Shepperd
£9.99 £4.99
These poems are exquisite meals, to be consumed amidst surprising intimacies. The voice is one of urban sophistication; a merciless charm that teases and tempts us with sensual evocations of food and place. The gorgeous place settings of these poems are not just carefully delineated backdrops. They toy with our interpretations of ‘at table’. As in a Dutch master ‘tablescape’, they become symbolic of our relation to ourselves, to others and the world.

Best for… armchair reading:
Waterfalls of Stars Rosanne AlexanderWaterfalls of Stars by Rosanne Alexander
£12.99 £6.49
Rosanne Alexander paints the landscape and wildlife of isolated Skomer Island in vivid detail, drawn from her ten years spent as a warden on the uninhabited nature reserve. Waterfalls of Stars is a love-letter to this remarkable island, which is an important breeding ground for many birds, and populated by a stunning array of wildlife such as puffins, manx shearwaters, seals, and kittiwakes. With her lyrical evocation of the natural world and its enthusiastic and resourceful approach to the problems of island life, Alexander’s book is sure to inspire and entertain anyone who has felt the need for escape.

Best for… livening up a long journey:
significanceSignificance by Jo Mazelis
£9.99 £4.99
Lucy Swann is trying on a new life. She’s cut and dyed her hair and bought new clothes, but only gets as far as a small town in northern France when her flight is violently cut short. When Inspector Vivier and his assistant Sabine Pelat begin their investigation, the chance encounters of her last days take on a new significance.
Jo Mazelis’ Jerwood Prize-winning novel is utterly addictive, and the cast of characters who brush ever so briefly against Lucy Swann in her last days are vividly imagined.

Best for… when you’re out and about:
Wild Places by Iolo WilliamsWild Places, Iolo Williams
£19.99 £9.99
Springwatch’s Iolo Williams picks his favourite forty nature sites in Wales and describes them in breathtaking detail, revealing rarities like the Snowdon lily and the Snowdonia hawkweed, where hares box and otters swim, where to spot dolphins and salmon, and where to see Wales’ great variety of hawks and other birds of prey. This informative and lavishly illustrated book confirms Wales’ pre-eminence as a country rich in stunning landscape inhabited in abundance by all manner of life. Take it with you on your travels, and discover all the delights of natural Wales.

Best for… broadening the mind:
Dark Land, Dark Skies, Martin GriffithsDark Land, Dark Skies by Martin Griffiiths
£12.99 £6.49
The constellations haven’t always been the province of Greek and Roman gods: ancient peoples around the world have looked up and added their particular myths to the heavens, only to have them subsumed by the Classics as the science of astronomy developed. Astronomer Martin Griffiths repopulates the night sky with figures from Welsh myths and legends, including the heroes of the Mabinogion, in this Celtic reclaimation of the night sky. Complete with star charts for the entire celestial year and 80 photographs of astronomically interesting objects, this informative guide is suitable for amateur and professional astronomers alike.

Best for… curling up with before bed:
The Tip of My Tongue Trezza AzzopardiThe Tip of My Tongue by Trezza Azzopardi
£8.99 £4.49
Enid wants a dog and wants to be a spy, but listening in on adult conversations doesn’t seem to bring her any nearer to understanding their troubled world. For all that,when times get tough and she has to stay with the Erbins, particularly her rich and spoilt cousin Geraint, she has plenty of verbal ammunition to help her fight her corner. Trezza Azzopardi transforms the heroine from The Mabinogion’s ‘Geraint and Enid’ into a brave 1970s girl from downtown Splott in Cardiff who, no matter how difficult the circumstances, always seems to get the last word. The original Enid defends her misguided husband by warning him of approaching villains, even though he has forbidden her to speak. Azzopardi’s young Enid is also unlikely to respect a gagging order.


We hope you enjoy browsing our summer sale. The half price offer ends at midnight on Sunday 23 July, so don’t delay – see what you can find before the time runs out.









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