Friday Poem – ‘Crisscross’, Lynne Hjelmgaard

This week our Friday Poem is ‘Crisscross’ by Lynne Hjelmgaard, taken from her most recent poetry collection, A Boat Called Annalise.

A Boat Called AnnaliseThe poems of A Boat Called Annalise recall a journey this much-travelled author took on a sailboat to the Caribbean and back to Europe with her husband. First we experience the tentative first months at sea, the author finding her ‘sea-legs’. As the book moves on, we find the author navigating not only the turbulent seascape, but also grief, healing, and nostalgia for the halcyon days of her marriage.
In ‘Crisscross’ we are post-voyage, and the mood is one of reflection. The author and her husband seem in stark contrast: one having gratefully retreated from the sea, and the other at a loss without its strangely comforting wildness.


Crisscross Lynne Hjelmgaard A Boat Called Annalise















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