Friday Poem – ‘Cathedral Builders’ by John Ormond

Our Friday Poem this week is ‘Cathedral Builders’ by John Ormond from John Ormond: Collected Poems. John Ormond’s legacy as both a poet and award-winning documentary maker will be remembered at the Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival in the Inaugural Meic Stephens Lecture. Join us from 6pm on Friday 14 February to hear Kieron Smith, author of John Ormond’s Organic Mosaic, discuss the correspondences between Ormond’s twin creative channels accompanied by short film clips of his work.

John Ormond (1923-1990) is one of the remarkable generation of poets born in south Wales in the early 1920s which includes Dannie Abse and Leslie Norris. This Collected Poems draws together all of Ormond’s work, including unpublished material. It includes  notes and commentary of the poems re: their geneses, backgrounds, allusions and meanings, and a bibliography of Ormond’s prose writing, films and writing about him. An index of titles and first lines completes this essential book.

John Ormond: Collected Poems is available on the Seren website: £14.99

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