Help Poetry Wales fundraise for the Wales Young Poets Award

Poetry Wales are raising money to set up a new bilingual competition and anthology for young people aged 10-17 across Wales and the UK, but they need your help.

In order to run the Wales Young Poets Award, which will be free to enter and have a theme of empathy, they need to raise a minimum of £3000 which will go towards prizes, judging, translation and the cost of a print anthology.

However, they’d also like to create a set of new accessible online resources that will give all students, whether in school or learning from home during the pandemic, a fair chance. These new resources will include activity plans and video lessons on writing and performing poetry, and will be designed to compliment the new Welsh national curriculum, whilst also giving priority to freelance poets who have lost income due to Coronavirus. Your support up to £6000 would help make this possible.

Any additional funds over £6000, will be put towards subsidising free entries for low-income writers into the Wales Poetry Award which launched last year.

Their crowdfunder is running until 8.59am on Friday 10th July so please donate TODAY if you would like to support the campaign and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Help them support the next generation of poets.



What your support will fund

Your support up to £3000 will fund Wales Young Poets Award, including prizes, a print anthology sent to schools in Wales, judging and bilingual translation.

Your support up to £6000 will fund the creation of freely accessible poetry resources, including activity plans and video lessons for young poets. These are designed to complement the new Welsh national curriculum.

Support exceeding £6000 will be used to subsidise free entry to Wales Poetry Award for those from low-income backgrounds, ensuring fair access for all.



Why they need your help

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