Friday Poem – ‘here we come’ by Zoë Skoulding

This week’s Friday Poem is ‘here we come’ by Zoë Skoulding which is part of the longer, multi-part poem ‘Heft’. ‘Heft’ makes up the middle part of Zoë latest collection Footnotes to Water which has just been shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year 2020.

In Footnotes to Water Zoë Skoulding follows two forgotten rivers, the Adda in Bangor and the Bièvre in Paris, and tracks the literary hoofprints of sheep through Welsh mountains. In these journeys she reveals urban and rural locales as sites of lively interconnection, exploring different senses of community, and the ways in which place shapes and is shaped by language.


Footnotes to Water is available on the Seren website: £9.99

Vote for your favourite book on the Wales Book of the Year shortlist to win the People’s Choice Award. Zoë’s collection has been shortlisted in the poetry category alongside Erato by Deryn Rees-Jones. Vote now

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