Friday Poem – ‘Or With Open Window’ by Rosalind Hudis

This week’s Friday Poem is ‘Or With Open Window’ by Rosalind Hudis from her most recent collection Restorations. Rosalind was recently shortlisted for the Gladstone’s Writers in Residence Award 2022. Judging will take place in October.

Restorations Rosalind Hudis. "If a poem is like a picture, these are history paintings, rich in human detail and many-layered in their brushwork" Matthew Francis

Inspired by the art restorer’s keen eye and by a vivid empathy for people and events, Restorations, is a journey through memory. Suffused with colour, inspired by thoughts of people and places, by artefacts and how the passage of time shifts perspectives and erodes surfaces, these poems are beautifully complex explorations, full of curiosity and the adventure of seeing and listening.

Or With Open Window
A Corner of the Artist’s Studio in Paris by Gwen John

If she could agree to be this room
or the other. Possibility pleats her.
Not there, her outline sealed,
but spreading, invisible, in two takes:
One corner, one window, netted
unnetted, above a table
that’s the still crossfire
where her looking springs out
from an open book or coils back
into a crease of wired flowers.
On a white chair her blue coat streams
labile, could let her slide
through each frame. Even this one
where the window is closed,
hard edges inside
a stockade of angles.
Or with Open Window:
the room’s misted; sharp
in the distance, she’s hung a tent
of reflections and sky.
Where she waits can be folded/
unfolded like her paused umbrella,
like triangled sunlight on the wall
that could pin her to its moment
or, warming outwards, paint her
into the visible.

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