Friday Poem – ‘Offering’ by Alexandra Davis

As the last Friday Poem of 2021, this week’s Friday Poem is ‘Offering’ by Alexandra Davis from the festive pamphlet Twelve Poems for Christmas.

Christmas Closing dates

The Seren Offices will be closed for Christmas from Thursday 23rd December until Monday 4th January. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas Nadolig Llawen
for Rufus
After the wrapping, unwrapping.
After unwrapping, the mess.
Through paper wasteland my boy wades;
his hot, sticky hands embrace my face,
pressed like a prayer, gargoyling my smile.
Our brown eyes speak of love.
Along with the giving, the learning.
After the learning, his deed.
Up fairylit stairs he charges, inspired;
above me the ceiling clunks like a factory;
he delivers two papers beneath the tree:
one for his daddy, one for me.
After the folding, the hiding, the finding,
the moment of moment: his hurried gifts.
Each scarecrow portrait, carefully drawn,
guards a faded five pound note.
I accept this gold with kisses.
Later I post the paper money back into his box.
Alexandra Davis

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