Friday Poem – ‘Interviewing’ by Ruth Bidgood

Following the sad passing of Ruth Bidgood, and in celebration of International Women’s Day, this week’s Friday Poem is ‘Interviewing’ from Ruth’s award-winning collection Time Being.

This cover shows a mid-wales valley shrouded in mist beneath a sky tinged pink by the sunrise. The text reads: Ruth Bidgood. Time Being. A Poetry Book Society Recommendation

Ruth Bidgood’s Time Being, winner of the Roland Mathias Prize, is emphatically a collection of location. The history and nature of the poet’s particular region of mid-Wales inspire these poems. Bidgood avoids sentimentality but not sentiment: an observation can engender joy or sorrow or fear uncluttered by irony. These descriptions are sharp and memorable, tending to a cool accuracy. Nature is not always benign, but often inescapably dark and mysterious, lyric and move towards a more epic, multi-faceted form equal to the many experiences of her long life.


When I was the one with the recorder 
I liked the richness of dark and light
in their reminiscing, the unexpectedness, 
the shocks and laughter, but not 
the drooping voice they used for saying 
“All gone now, all over”, 
or “Water under the bridge, eh?” – 
as if there was something wrong 
with ending on a high note, 
or moving to the present without 
that cloying downbeat refrain. 

So now when she comes, this likeable girl 
with her little gadget, her young hands 
(no slack skin, no gravespots) setting it up, 
I’m my own censor, ignoring 
her questions’ invitation 
to lament, her disappointed eyes 
thirsty for the juice of my tears.

Time Being is available on the Seren website £8.99

Poems from this collection are also featured in A Last Respect, an anthology of poems by the eleven winners of the Roland Mathias Prize.

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