Friday Poem – ‘Prayer’ by Grahame Davies

This week’s Friday Poem is ‘Prayer’ by Grahame Davies from his collection Lightning Beneath the Sea.

This cover shows the far away, dark silhouette of a narwal floating in the empty blue ocean. The text reads: Grahame Davies, Lightning Beneath the Sea

Lightning Beneath the Sea is the first collection of poems in English by Grahame Davies, featuring the work that he has honed over the years as he has read them at literary festivals, conferences and events world-wide. Well-known for his prize-winning Welsh-language poetry and fiction, and for his scholarly non-fiction, he brings a native warmth, an intimate, conversational tone, and a raised civic awareness to these poems.

Grahame Davies
Spirit, use me today,
not in some miracle
that would make others marvel
and would make me proud.
Not in the word of wisdom
that would stay in the mind
and make me always remembered.
Not in the heroic act
that would change the world for the better
and me for the worse.
But in the mundane miracles
of honesty and truth
that keep the sky from falling.
In the unremembered quiet words
that keep a soul on the path.
And in the unnoticed acts
that keep the world moving
slowly closer to the light.

Lightning Beneath the Sea is available on the Seren website: £8.99

This poem also featured in the anthology 100 Poems to Save the Earth.

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