Friday Poem – ‘More Context Required’ by Vidyan Ravinthiran

Following our previous guest post by Zoë Brigley on ecojustice, this week’s Friday Poem is ‘More Context Required’ by Vidyan Ravinthiran from 100 Poems to Save the Earth.

100 Poems to Save the Earth. Edited by Zoë Brigley and Kristian Evans.

Our climate is on the brink of catastrophic change. 100 Poems to Save the Earth invites us to fine-tune our senses, to listen to the world around us, pay attention to what we have been missing. The defining crisis of our time is revealed to be fundamentally a crisis of perception. For too long, the earth has been exploited. With its incisive Foreword from editors Zoë Brigley and Kristian Evans, this landmark anthology is a call to action to fight the threat facing the only planet we have. 

Vidyan Ravinthiran
M O R E C O N T E x T R E Q U I R E D
There is no clear picture as yet
as to how many tigers were killed or if they were blue
because it’s that
time of year and they did themselves in as you do.
I have been becoming more
and more independent but I’m not a journalist
or the kind of guy asked if I know the score
now it’s hard to remember even if we won or lost,
and who we are exactly. There was
a protest, I remember that, and stories
about women and children
that somehow became about a witch and her cauldron,
or how exactly the tiger got his stripes.
And beautiful computer-generated maps.

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