Welcome to Seren Books’s WordPress!


Seren is an independent publisher driven by quality writing across a wide-ranging list which includes poetry, fiction, translation, biography, art and history. Many of our books and authors are shortlisted for – and win! – major literary prizes across Britain and America.

At the heart of our list is a good story told well or an idea or history presented interestingly or provocatively, what used to be called literary publishing before accountants and managers gained ascendancy. We’re international in authorship and readership though our roots remain here in Wales (seren = star in Welsh) where we prove that writers from a small country with an intricate culture have a worldwide relevance.

Mission statement:

Seren is a literary publisher specialising mainly in English writing from Wales. Our aim is to publish work of the highest literary and artistic merit, while maintaining a level of profitability which enables us to function effectively as a sustainable and expanding business in a commercial environment.

Seren works with the financial support of the Welsh Books Council.

What we hope to achieve:

Our WordPress is our chance to report on Seren’s new releases, poetry events, book launches and share pictures and videos from our events.

To find out more go to http://www.serenbooks.com/


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